V&S Wins Square 9 Innovation Award

Posted January 16, 2019
V&S Midwest Carriers recently won an award for implementing innovative processes to electronically store documents. We were presented the award for “Most Innovative Solution” this fall at the Encompass Conference [...] Read More

How Many Laps Around Your Truck Equal a Mile?!

Posted December 31, 2018
Subscribe to V&S Midwest Carriers on YouTube! Driver and vlogger Robin talks staying active while on the road. Before she became a professional truck driver, Robin worked an 8-5 office [...] Read More

Why We’re a Women in Trucking Partner

Posted December 7, 2018
Subscribe to V&S Midwest Carriers on YouTube! Our resident vlogger, Robin, gives a tour of her new truck. If you’re a truck-driving professional, it’s inevitable that your rig is going [...] Read More

Going — And Saving — Green | V&S Midwest Carriers Leads The Way In Reducing Fuel Emissions

Posted October 11, 2018
In trucking, the key component to being successful at improving fuel mileage is without a doubt the driver. But in an industry with tight deadlines, where weather and traffic often [...] Read More

Local Trucking Company Leads the Way on Clean Freight

Posted September 4, 2018
V&S Midwest Carriers lands on EPA’s SmartWay High Performer list for efforts toward reducing carbon footprint Kaukauna, Wis. — V&S Midwest Carriers, a Kaukauna-based trucking company, recently was named a [...] Read More

Is IT Your Driver’s New BFF?

Posted March 26, 2018
How do your drivers view your IT department? If you’re not sure, you should find out. Here at V&S Midwest Carriers, our IT department is a support team that helps [...] Read More

Make Your Driver’s Day

Posted March 26, 2018
Do your drivers know how much you appreciate them? Many truckers don’t. During the holidays who actually sees an increased workload with more freight to deliver? Drivers. On the days [...] Read More

Trucking Turnover: Can We Turn It Around?

Posted February 12, 2018
Right now, for every 10 drivers you hire, only 1 will still be driving for you in a year. Yes, you read that right, trucking as an industry has a [...] Read More

The Technology Behind The Truck

Posted February 12, 2018
Last month, on December 18, the U.S. government mandate requiring truckers to outfit their rigs with electronic logging devices (ELDs) went into effect. A small piece of technology that tracks [...] Read More
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